Morningstar BDSM Dominatrix in Portland Kink scene Located in Oregon

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Portland Kink is the happening place. I love being a professional switch here, let’s explore your kinks together!

Offering Live Sessions, Travel, Distance Sessions, Coaching and More! Please Rates, policies, and contact/application form below.

Office Hours: Thurs – Saturday 11am pst – 5 pm pst | Mischief Morningstar is a busy devil, but I typically respond within 48 business hours.

Portland Kink Sessions Rates by Location

Discounted rates available for folx of marginalized communities (Queer/BiPOC/Neurodivergent) contact me via email for details.

Live Kink Sessions in Portland, OR:

To be submissive to/bottom for Mischief Morningstar:

$300/hr or Package Rates (See packages here)

To Dominate or Switch with Mischief Morningstar:

$400/hr (Packages can *not* be applied here)

Fly me to you!

Rates vary, let’s see what kind of deal we can make.

Distance Sessions:

Distance Sessions/Power Exchange one-on-one via skype:


Dominatrix Morningstar Meet & Greet

Intimate or casual, intellectual or geeky af…let’s get to know each other a bit better over a meal, a beverage, cigars…whatever I’m in the mood for. No power exchange (domination or submission) involved, just two weirdos enjoying each others company. Ask as many questions as you like, I’m a bit of an open book. Do feel free to ask for my autograph or a selfie.

$100/hr + you pick up the tab

Kink Coaching in Portland Oregon & beyond

Live kink coaching or education at SubRosa PDX for individuals or groups of 2-3 (each must submit their own application) :


Distance Coaching via Skype:


Deposit Policy:

50% deposit required within 24 hrs of approval to hold a session appointment time.

Cancellations/rescheduling: at least 48 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling request is strongly preferred.

Rescheduling requests received within 48 hours of your appointment time may be subject to processing fees.

Cancellations are subject to deposit loss at my discretion.


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